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Amazing Grace - Sheet Music and Performance Notes

Amazing Grace - minimal variation - six-hole Pentatonic small

Notes on Sheet Music

I have arranged five variations regarding the sheet music: four variations for pentatonic small tuned flutes and something version for diatonic flutes.

Two of pentatonic versions (the “low versions”) start on the fundamental note: or . Others two pentatonic variations (the “high versions”) begin one note greater: or .

As with all the sheet songs inside area of Flutopedia, it is possible to visit any sheet music image to obtain a larger type of a JPG picture that's suitable for publishing.

Alternate Notes

The reduced variations have actually a concern this 1 of this records this is certainly in the original Amazing Grace / brand new Britain melody can only be played on a local US flute making use of a half-hole strategy: or . In order to prevent that note, I replaced it with an alternative note, marked with a in the sheet music below. Definitely, you are absolve to play anything that suits you for that note (or even for any kind of note, for example). You may find that, after you play the alternative note a few times, audience arrive at consider the alternate note once the “correct” note in melody.

Sheet Music - Low version for Six-hole Pentatonic small Tuned Flutes - Inverted Finger Diagrams

Amazing Grace - Minimal Version - Six-Hole Flutes - Pentatonic Small Tuning - Inverted Finger Diagrams

Sheet Music - minimal version for Five-hole Pentatonic Minor Tuned Flutes

Amazing Grace - Low Version - Five-Hole Flutes - Pentatonic Small Tuning

The Next Join

The “high variation” of Amazing Grace begins on a greater note and stretches into the 2nd sign-up. It solves the problem of having to use an alternate note, but launched the situation of trying going to the or note within the second sign-up. This note resonates well and it is reasonably in track on some, yet not all, indigenous United states flutes. It will play well on flutes which were built to be extended-range flutes. But even on extended-range flutes, you may need to experiment to find the best fingering to use for that note.

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