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Jose Ramirez Classical Guitar plan· Includes full-scale acrylic template ¼” dense, made out of CNC Laser accuracy
· 36″x50″ Full scale detailed intends to make use of as templates to construct among the globe most well-known guitars.
· twin dimensions, detailed dimensions in Metric and English.
· full-scale 26.125 (663.575 mm) String period from bridge to fan.
· Fret board dining table chart that include twin dimensions, Metric and English.

This guitar plan is actually for building a traditional guitar much like the over-all shape and measurement of Jose Ramirez (1858-1923). He was probably one of the most prominent Spanish luthier, founder of Ramírez Guitars the Spanish luthier dynasty ( not an exact replica). This guitar design is a normal Spanish guitar and makes use of bracing pattern with 7 fan braces. It will help you create a well balanced instrument with a medium level of trouble in execution. This guitar program has many advanced level details that features the immediate following:

1- 36″x50″ full-scale detail by detail programs

2- double dimensions, detailed measurements in Metric and English.

3- Cut sections Details of appropriate design intention.

4- step-by-step costs of product of most things included and necessary to develop a guitar and optional supplier suggestion.

5- full-scale 26.125 (663.575 mm) String span from connection to nut.

6- Fret board table chart offering twin dimensions, Metric and English.

7- Fret board period formula, with directions and instance to enable you to develop and determine yours fret period.

8- Bracing proportions and configuration to accurately find braces also reinforcements.

Includes Full scale themes, ¼” dense acrylic template, Made with CNC Laser precision for maximum accuracy and balance, take note why these themes are thicker than just about any competitor in the marketplace, ¼” acrylic is rigid adequate to utilize together with your power router to save you time, improve persistence and repeatability with confidence. The headpiece has the outside and inside form parameter in addition to three part holes to higher allow you to drill three holes for the tuner machine. Fingerboard also marked with a pre calculated distances to use the guess work away from seeking the frets according to a 663.57 mm (26.125″) sequence period. Brace places tend to be marked to efficiently and reliably assist you with brace area. Made from top-notch clear acrylic enabling you to see the wood grain associated with the work piece below.


Unlike some other vocations, this isn't a trade that may be learned in a course or two… as well as in a year or two. This is the reason it remains mostly of the woodworking skills which can be however best-learned through an apprenticeship. Building a guitar calls for specific tools and thorough comprehension and accurate woodworking skill that will require many years to master. The plans are superb dimensional help guide to create templates and acquire product information and dimensions including thickness, relative proportions and component places. Woodworking and luthier trade practices tend to be kept when it comes to specific lumber employee. The caliber of the outcomes is wholly influenced by the woodworking level of skill regarding the person.

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