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A YouTube Piano Teacher Took Down His Competition With Phony

I learned piano at age 10 by seeing my Grandmother slowly perform Für Elise in small fragments. She would play a phrase that we would after that mimick on next octave. I'm a visual student, and managed to play the whole piece at the end of per week. Many starting piano pupils understand aesthetically, and also if they'ren't copying their grandma's demonstrations, I would bet lots are working with a setup such as the one pictured above. If they are, though, one-man claims they're infringing on their copyright laws.

Yes, Shawn Cheek, whose YouTube ID is webpianoteacher2, is called out-by containing might piano training technique. He in addition concerned about YouTube following through on the classes he tracking training pop music hits.

It's as though Rand McNally wished to sue for royalties on the 5-pointed celebrity. Definitely you can find design elements and visual details that may be protected by patent and trademark legislation. But to guard content against a typical teaching method–for academic purposes–that's already been area of the piano lexicon for hundreds of years? It felt crazy, and so I reached out to Mark to find out more. Our direct texting ensued over twitter thusly:

MOTHERBOARD: Hi Mark, i recently have actually a few concerns.

Mark de Heide: Really we're nearly turning in to bed right now.. this has been a pretty harsh few days understandably..

I'm able to, I will, I'm sorry to hear. Simply wished to understand, do you obtain interaction in regards to the Copyright concern from YouTube, or did you receive notification from the user himself?

From the various other teacher, maybe not from YouTube.

I'm in addition wondering which user it is that's saying they own this 'idea.'

You can view both videos to my channel too which explain a lot.

I saw them, but you cannot say who it really is.

You will find that also inside comments, we decided to not identify one another.

There are many people on YouTube with this particular way of training.

Yes a lot of people teach piano, not all of them make use of letters above the piano..

Yes but some of these use letters over the piano.

Yeah some do.

You realize you are not obligated by any law to give up what you are doing. I'm fascinated as to the reasons you have agreed.

Really, we inhabit the Netherlands.. I don't know a great deal about US law..

This will be just as if Rosetta rock tried to copyright the flash card

Another instructor said I was infringing their liberties in which he got legal counsel

Features he given or provided you cash to eliminate your movies?


He can't possibly claim your can purchase the rights to an approach of teaching that goes back 100's of years.

I know it's an obscure claim.. He does obtain a copyright on his method, at least that is what he states.

I would ask to see documents of their protected copyright before agreeing doing everything you've done.

Yeah i understand, other people performed that for me plus they discovered he comes with a copyright laws recorded in 2007.

It's not an unclear claim, it is crazy, it's like becoming said can not utilize a chalkboard to instruct language.

Yeah i believe therefore too.. nevertheless I don't possess way to guard myself in judge completely in the us.


Therefore, we chased down the reviews, which got myself Shawn's name, and explained this copyright laws Mark was speaing frankly about from 2007:


Nothing can beat some street justice on a YouTube remark board. Oh, in addition to abundancy of legal counsel:

I emailed Shawn Cheek yesterday asking him to explain the matter, but have actually however to know right back from him. If it's correct that Cheek intimidated de Heide into giving up their livelihood—the affable Dutch pianist had an incredible number of views across his videos—then this can be undoubtedly an outrage.

We hate to admit it, but cynic in me personally miracles if de Heide is taking advantage of the injustice by soliciting web donations. I assume I seen some hustlers request cash over a webcam within my time, so it's challenging state my radar is not fuzzing up slightly. But all doubt apart, exactly how terrible is it? And why hasn't Shawn Cheek answered myself? Why don't we simply assume your sweet Dutch kid has actually undoubtedly been threatened with appropriate cures. In the event that debate could hold sand–which there is no way in hell it could–please, put the men whom make EZ-piano stickers in jury.

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