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The Wackiest Conspiracy Theories from the World of Music

A little while back, we surveyed some fascinating conspiracy ideas about literary characters, pondering from whether the truly amazing Gatsby’s Nick Carraway had been gay to whether Dorothy was a witch all along. We’re usually maybe not big believers in conspiracy concepts, however, if nothing else, they are doing make for amusing reading, together with entire literary characters idea has got united states contemplating comparable whisperings from other elements of the pop music cultural range… like these ones, for instance, which hail from somewhere where truth is frequently stranger than fiction: the songs industry! Click on through and review a few of the most strange and wonderful conspiracy theories the field of songs features thrown up over many years, and inform us for those who have any to include.

Andrew WK isn't Andrew WK

Or, about, he’s maybe not the Andrew WK which used become Andrew WK, who was simply quietly changed eventually during the mid-2000s using the brand-new Andrew WK. Perplexed? You ought to be. Bizarre hearsay have traditionally encircled the profession of party-starter Andrew Wilkes-Krier, involving allegations of brainwashing, business conspiracies, and a nefarious puppetmaster called Steev Mike. If you wish to drop the conspiracy bunny gap, you can start . Curiously sufficient, there does be seemingly at least some sort of material to all the this — Wilkes-Krier talked about a few of the complete stranger aspects of his job along with your correspondent a couple of years right back, and appeared to mean that Steev Mike had been a pseudonym for folks involved with his job just who he had been limited by a non-disclosure agreement to not identify, which he was additionally forced against their will into his motivational talking job by these really folks. Truth is, reported by users, frequently stranger than fiction.

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    • People who dont think they exist need to wake up! Their symbolism is everywhere on television. Ancient egyptians used to write their symoblism on pottery and walls, todays version of this is digital...on Your TV. Same stuff that happened back then happens today, anyone who disagrees is just a naive misinformed sheeple.
      What do you want to explain? They use music to relay hidden subliminal messages. Its either used to manipulate the brain into triggering certain types of emotions or its to relay an actual message. Some of the words in music is actually the powers that be speaking to yo…

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    • We can't find a book that is solely about music conspiracy theories. Why not try The Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories it covers some famous musicians