G major Theory sheet Music

Small natural above C in G Major

Listed here is an image regarding the sheet songs (Eine Klein Nachtmusik, activity 1). The strange accidental has a red freehand group around it.

enter picture description here

What does this normal indication suggest? As you can plainly see, the key is G significant and C is left all-natural in G Major. There's no C sharp in the last measures anywhere near (the final was at measure 54, in the earlier area), thus I doubt it is a grace note. This really is in addition found in the 4th motion, measures 86. .

Once more, right here, there aren't any accidentals on B's or C's for a number of measures. Any some ideas what these accidentals could indicate?


Don't want to spoil the fun, but this may be some kind of mistake (maybe not saying its, but it might be). This arrangement ended up being dated might 2008 and I also just discovered a revised variation (Feb 2012) by the same guy. It drops the accidentals in both spots and corrects the measure numbers (if you did not notice they're off). This doesn't suggest it was a mistake, but it is a possibility. In any event, if you're able to add up of it, go ahead and answer the first question. I simply desired to inform you the issue is certainly not you, nonetheless it will be the rating. If all-natural indications do seem sensible to you, go ahead and answer comprehensively the question. :)

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