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Yasunori Mitsuda Biography

Yasunori MitsudaUnlike all of the composers that have worked for Square (Enix), Yasunori Mitsuda wasn’t truly interested in songs at an early age. He was more contemplating activities, and desired to become like padraig harrington 1 day, while he had a desire for tennis; amongst other items. Unfortunately for him though, he performedn’t possess genuinely have the dedication to back up his aspirations and finished up quitting all his sports because of this reality. During this period however, he performed figure out how to have fun with the piano, plus in their teenage years he started to value music much more after some film ratings grabbed their attention. It absolutely was this, accompanied with their interest in electronic devices and technology that persuaded him to purchase a computer, so he could create songs for video gaming.

It was during his high school years though that their hopes and dreams would quickly be realised as he applied to Square. During the time though, he saw himself as more of a film composer, but he decided to make the possibility anyhow. He sent away some samples, and was handed a job interview and eventually utilized by Square in 1992, which saw their first role being a Sound Results programmer for Hanjuku Hero.

After similar roles on future titles for Square, Mitsuda realised which he performedn’t wish to be typecast as an audio Effects programmer, as he saw himself as a composer. Due to this, he marched into Sakaguchi’s workplace (Vice-President of Square) and demanded to-be provided a compositional part; or he'd stop the organization. This has the specified effect and Mitsuda was presented with the leading role for Chrono Trigger, alongside Nobuo Uematsu and Noriko Matsueda. The music for the online game was handed fulfilled with great success, in addition to energy that put in Mitsuda’s didn’t go unnoticed. He had been now solidly founded as a composer and was now treated as a result by Square, using them giving him a unique compositional role on Front Mission: Gun Hazard.

Then he handled many tasks for Square, including Xenogears and Chrono Cross, however in 1998 decided he desired to keep the business and go freelance. Since doing this, he has got already been a part of numerous projects including Legaia Duel Saga and Shadow Hearts series while also taking part in many arranged tasks particularly tributes for songs from venerable game franchises like Street Fighter.

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Tokuyama, Japan
Host to Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Joined Square Enix: 1992 (Departed 1998)
Formal Website(s): N/A
The legal profession and American progress: address : delivered to the graduating class of the Law Department, University of the City of New York, at ... exercises, Academy of Music, June 7, 1888.
Book (Gale, Making of Modern Law)
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